December 4, 2009                                                                                                                                             

Purging History in Order Entry

History is not automatically purged by the Day End process. You must complete the following steps manually;


We recommend that these instructions be followed once each year as part of your fiscal year end.


Completed orders, printed invoices and printed credit notes are transferred to History based on selections that are made under the System Options tab of the Company Profile.



The Day End process will transfer current documents to History if the "Keep History" option is selected. Documents are transferred according to the number of days entered in the Purge from Current after days option. 



The default number of days is set based upon the System Options of the Company Profile.  During the Day End process, these defaults can be changed.


Before proceeding please we strongly recommend that you make a backup of your Order Entry data.


Once completed documents are transferred to History, you will need to Purge the historical transactions after a period of time specified in the Purge from History after days section of the Processing Option panel in the System Options under the Company Profile.


To complete this function, use the Purge History function found under Maintenance | Purge History.



The default values in this window are those as entered in the System Options of the Company Profile.  While completing this function, these defaults can be changed.


Once the desired dates have been entered, click the Purge button to clear historical transactions from the system that meet the parameters entered in the Purge History window. 



Click the Yes button to complete this function


Depending on the number of historical transactions, this operation could take several minutes to complete.  The following window will provide you with the status of the purging process:




You will then be advised once the purging process has completed.




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