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Purging History in Purchase Orders for Adagio


The purpose of archiving documents is to remove them from the current PO / Receipts listing based on the number of days specified in the POA Company Profile.


We recommend that these instructions be followed once each year as part of your fiscal year end.


Archiving and purging history setup:


In the Company Profile you can define how many days to keep document current and how many days after achieving before they can be purged;



Archiving and purging do not happen automatically. Purging PO history requires two steps:


1.Archiving documents

2.Purging from History


We recommend that you do step 2 immediately following step 1. In this way you can use one backup to cover both steps.

1.Archiving Documents


This function is found under Tools | Archive Documents from the POA menu.When selecting the Archive Documents, the following window will appear:



To Archive completed documents, click on the Archive button. You will be asked to make a backup, we strongly recommend that you do not skip this step.


Archiving documents will remove completed documents that have been invoiced.Orders not yet invoiced cannot be archived. Order that have been invoiced must also flagged as Completed.


If this was not done during the receipt process then you can find the Purchase Order in the grid, right click on it and select the option of Complete. Using the color grid you can tell which POís have been completed, they are yellow;




2.Purge from History


If you have not just completed a backup in step 1 above we strongly recommend that you do a backup before proceeding further.


From the Edit/View menu select History listing, click on the Purge button.The following window will appear:




The default values come from your Company Profile setup (see example above). You can change the values as required and then click on the Purge button.The following window will appear.




After the purging is completed, the following information window will appear to let you know the number of documents have been purged from your system.





If there are still completed purchase orders in your current listing, these have either not reached the aging required for archiving, or the receipt document was not entered as an Invoice, or the document is not actually flagged as completed.


If you require any assistance please feel free to contact us (regular service fees may apply).




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