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Nine Signs Your Equipment Rental Company Has Outgrown Your Existing Rental Software SolutionOutgrowing Rentals

  • Rentals May Session: Wednesday, May 28, 10:00am PST
  • Intended for: Owners, Operations Managers, and Accounting Managers of Equipment Rental Organizations
  • Synopsis: Your existing rental management software systems serve small organizations very well, often for many years. But as the company grows, new reporting is required, additional systems are added to address new business requirements (but aren’t integrated to accounting), and there is a need to add new manual processes, spreadsheet calculations, and other workarounds to get at the information you need.
    In our work with small to mid-sized businesses, there are nine obvious signs that a rental business has outgrown its existing rental management software. Sometimes, just one of these conditions is painful enough and costly enough (in terms of lost opportunity) to warrant a change. Other times, rental equipment companies exhibit multiple symptoms and are buried in a flurry of paper-based customer relationship management and manual workarounds to get the accounting reports they need.
    One or all of these signs could indicate that your company has outgrown your existing rental management software. Attend our webinar to find out more.
  • Additional Reading Materials: Moving Up to Rentals for Adagio Accounting White Paper

Outgrown Simply, QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB etc? Move Up to Adagio Accounting!

  • This topic is not currently scheduled. Contact Us to be notified as soon the next one is. Call 1.888.534.4344. You can download the corresponding white paper anytime here.
  • Intended for: Accounting Professionals and Business Owners
  • Synopsis: Has your company outgrown Simply Accounting®, QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, MYOB®, etc? It’s no surprise. Successful companies like yours soon outgrow entry level accounting software. Take this short quiz and find out if your business is ready to move.
    • With so many staff, we need better security.
    • My job would be much easier if I could copy orders and invoices.
    • Our inventory needs better pricing and/or costing.
    • If we could group our customers by type, our reporting would be better.
    • Our customers should be assigned to specific salespeople.
    • We make so many sales, we need detailed sales analysis.
    • We need more than six staff in our accounting at one time.
    • We need to print cheques in batches, not just one at a time.
    • We’ve got thousands of inventory items and we can’t track them well.
    • I need better reporting/exporting without having to spend a fortune on
      a consultant.
    • More refined departmentalization and budgets would let me pinpoint
      any problem areas.
      If you answered YES! to any of these questions, consider moving to Adagio® Accounting!
  • Additional Reading Materials: Moving Up Adagio Accounting White Paper



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