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Adagio Boot Camps: Informational Seminar for Accounting Professionals


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October 16, Wednesday  9:00 am-11:00 am  Holiday Inn Express & Suites

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October 17, Thursday  9:00 am-11:00 am  Coast Capri Hotel

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October 29, Tuesday  1:30 pm-3:30 pm  Greenwood Inn & Suites

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October 31, Thursday  1:30 pm-3:30 pm  Hotel Blackfoot

Your Best Investment is Knowledge

Adagio BootCampThe most effective Adagio users know that training is the least expensive way to increase productivity. Adagio Boot Camps are one of the easiest ways to get network and stay informed. Invest a morning and only $49 less your $10 coffee card. You even get take away material as memory aids and/or to explain to your colleagues. The first attendee from your company is free.


This informational morning session is for Finance & Accounting professionals that either use Adagio Accounting or are considering moving to Adagio. You will see new products and features, along with tips and tricks that speed your daily work, as we demonstrate how resource-constrained Finance & Accounting departments can reduce the time and effort to manage complex and repetitive tasks.  

Sign up today to learn how to:

  • Create an Executive Dashboard for a strategic view of the business.
  • Produce a variety of charts and graphs with ease.
  • See the new features in Ledger, Receivables and BankRec.
  • Automate daily tasks.
  • Attach unpaid invoices to your statements, automatically.
  • Create and file a unique PDF for every Form you generate, and access them with the click of a mouse.
  • Log users out of Adagio, even if they've gone home for the night.
  • Manage large communities of users and control access while you simplify administrative tasks.

We'll show you how to make the most of your Adagio accounting modules, offering Tips & Tricks useful for newbies and old hands alike. See how to customize the Grid, Finders, ExcelDirect, Filters and Styles, and then how to propagate these preferences between company data sets, or between users.

We'll also show you two brand new Adagio modules first previewed at the 2013 Adagio Opportunity Conference:

  • Adagio Console provides tools for managing large user communities or multiple module sites.
  • Adagio ChartView allows you to quickly generate pie, bar or line charts from your accounting data.

If you attended last year's Adagio Boot Camp, you already know how fun and informative this session is. If you missed it, register now and find out how to make the most of your Adagio!

Top Five Reasons for Attending an Adagio Boot Camp

5. Get out of the office and get a $10 coffee card

Let Softrak pay you to get a well-deserved break from the accounting routine! You even get Belgian chocolate with it!

4. Meet the President

Tell Andrew, from Softrak Systems, what you like and what you hate about Adagio. He can’t make the software work better for you if you don’t give him your feedback.

3. Find a new solution

You’ll see solutions you haven’t considered before. You can even describe your problem and see if someone has a solution for you.

2. Tips & Tricks

No matter how experienced you are, you’ll pick up some great ideas – guaranteed. You also get a booklet to take back to the office.

1. Networking

Commiserate and collaborate with other Adagio users. Meet others in your community and see how they have already solved the same problems you may still have. Meet a “software buddy” you can chat with during the year.

How to Register

  • Click on our registration page
  • Enter your contact information in the form provided
  • We'll contact you for your credit card info to hold your reservation(s). AccSys Solutions pays for the first attendee from your company and you keep the $10 coffee card. Additional registrants will be charged $49 each to the credit card.
  • Or give us a call. We are always to take your registration over the phone. Just call us Toll Free at 1.888.534.4344

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