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Service & Repair Shop Accounting Solutions

Service and repair businesses need to move quickly and efficiently to maintain high customer satisfaction and profitability. That means a solution which provides timely and accurate information to all areas of the business.

Your customers are relying on you to schedule and fulfill their request for service as quickly as possible. AccSys Solutions gives you the technology you need with the Adagio Service and Repair Suite to coordinate, execute, invoice, and report on your fast-paced business.

Here are some of the reasons Adagio Accounting is ideal for service and repair shops:
  • The tracking and scheduling features in the Service and Repair Suite give you the information about your whole operation so you can be as responsive as possible to your customers.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) with SalesCQ or Goldmine CRM gives you detailed customer information so you can market with laser precision.
  • The Service and Repair Suite is tightly integrated with several invoicing modules and can import transaction details from external invoicing solutions, so you get the invoicing solution that works best for the way you operate.
  • Flexible work order tracking and invoicing includes recurring billings for regular service visits.
  • If you sell both services and parts, you can integrate your parts inventory with your billing so that stock is reduced when parts are sold.
  • Use sales history to analyze for trends, spot customers whose business has slacked off, or to generate a mass mailing to customers who have bought a related service in the past. Proactive customer relations are the key to generating and maintaining business.

Service & Repair Accounting Solution Components

JobTracker for Adagio
JobTracker follows the progress of a job from the beginning to the end, tracking parts and labour used in the process, including capturing detailed descriptions. Job details are quickly recorded, and progress can be tracked through user-defined job stages. Detailed job reports organize and summarize information to assist billing. Due dates are identified and rescheduled with ease. You’re provided with more accurate information for timely and profitable billing.

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Adagio Inventory Control
Adagio Inventory is a complete, multi-location, stock management and control system which tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments with ease. Inventory supports multiple costing methods and units of measure including LIFO, FIFO, Average, Standard and User-defined Costing. Most numbering schemes are supported through a 16-character item number in four user-defined segments.

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Invoicing Options
Adagio is so flexible, there are several invoicing options available. With full integration to JobTracker, no manual transfer of job details is required. Let us help you find the right solution.

  • Adagio Invoices
    Adagio Invoices lets you enter considerable details on each invoice line, including quantity, price, cost, reference, date, up to 750 characters of description, and two user-defined fields. You can clearly indicate to your customers every aspect of their charges, thus reducing misunderstandings and speeding payment. You can enter an unlimited number of line items on every invoice.
  • Adagio OrderEntry
    Adagio OrderEntry automates your sales order entry and invoicing, giving you the ability to manage backorders, future orders, standing orders, invoices, and credit notes. Orders can be imported from external systems, and a complete order, invoice, and credit note history is maintained in the system. Adagio OrderEntry allows you to copy and restore orders between customers, complete with order re-pricing from inventory as the new order is created.
  • CounterSales for Adagio
    CounterSales for Adagio is a comprehensive solution when Point of Sale is required, including cash register support and options for printing just a till slip and/or a full size invoice.
  • JobTracker
    If your invoicing requirements are very simple, then JobTracker may be all that you need.


Adagio Purchase Orders
Adagio PurchaseOrders allows you to easily track outstanding POs by expected receipt date, keep detailed purchase history, and generate customized POs that can be emailed or faxed to your suppliers.

The ability to auto generate PO’s based upon reorder criteria, and create “drop ship” POs straight from a sales order, will greatly streamline the purchasing function.

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Adagio Sales Analysis
Adagio SalesAnalysis makes capturing critical sales data at the detail level easy and allows for refined analysis with online inquiry, statistics, charting, and reporting.

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Adagio SalesCQ
Adagio SalesCQ makes communication a breeze. Adagio SalesCQ combines the information in Receivables, OrderEntry, and Inventory with contact and quote management features such as callback dates, reasons and reports, individual or mail merge emails, letters or faxes.

Adagio SalesCQ includes basic CRM (customer relationship management) functionality with robust and searchable customer note capability. If a full-blown CRM solution is required, Adagio can be integrated with Goldmine CRM.

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Adagio Financial Suite
The Adagio Distribution Suite integrates seamlessly with the Adagio Financial Suite, which includes:

  • Adagio Ledger
  • Adagio Financial Reporter
  • Adagio Payables
  • Adagio EFT
  • Adagio Receivables
  • Adagio BankRec
  • PayDirt Payroll

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