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Adagio Software Add-Ons

Adagio softwareOne of Adagio’s greatest strengths is the broad availability of Third Party products that work to enhance Adagio, or address the specific needs of vertical markets. Softrak Systems works closely with their Third Party software developers, or Adagio Developer Partners, to integrate their products and services with Adagio software to give you the best possible accounting solution.

At AccSys Solutions, we have first hand experience using and supporting almost all Third Party products for Adagio, including all products from these developers.

Dakota Software

Most known for a collection of essential adagio software utilities such as number changers, designed to get the most out of Adagio products.

Dakota Products
  • The Toolkit for Adagio is an essential collection of utilities for Adagio software. All versions of Adagio products are supported.
  • National Accounts for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that sell to chain stores, branch offices or subsidiaries, where the head office pays the bill. A single payment can be easily applied to outstanding invoices.
  • ePack for Adagio provides bar code scanning for orders that need to be picked, packed, and shipped. Shipments are expedited with greater accuracy, resulting in fewer credits and returns. Packed items are validated using a wired or wireless bar code scanner. Once an order has been packed, ePack can print Advanced Shipping Notice labels and update the order’s shipped quantity. Combine with Edisoft Merchant to complete the EDI process.
  • Rentals for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that rent, sell or service equipment.
    • Rentals for Adagio is ideally suited for the construction industry, where recurring billing and inventory management can be a challenge.
    • For example: construction equipment, machinery, tools, scaffolding, fencing and forms.
    • You can expect seamless integration with Adagio Receivables, Inventory, Sales Analysis and Ledger. Invoices are automatically generated, printed and transferred to Receivables.
  • Mobile Orders for Adagio provides the salesperson with the ability to build a sales order or quote while on-site. Eliminate those phoned in orders. Prepare the order with current item information, customer pricing, order history, customer and item inquiry. The sales staff will appreciate the same order entry experience as Adagio Order Entry. Orders can be printed with Order Entry specifications.

Edisoft Software

The Merchant Suite for Adagio is a full featured EDI solution optimized for Adagio.

Edisoft Merchant

Edisoft Merchant for Adagio software will eliminate order entry errors, the labor intensive and repetitive functions in the order management and fulfillment process,  and costly activities associated with the manual re-keying of orders.

This all-in-one solution includes a built in communications module, support for the various communication methods, EDI translator, order processing module, ASN module, integrated Bar Coding module and support for unlimited number of trading partners.

Island Microsystems

For Point of Sale, Job Tracking, and a Purchase Orders add-on for Adagio Inventory.

IMS Products
  • IMS Scheduler: Schedule Events and assign resources to them. Initiate Timer Events for Resources and associate them with clients and jobs. \can be integrated to Adagio Receivables, and IMS JobTracker.
  • CounterSales: CounterSales provides point of sale, cash register and sales invoicing functions, fully integrated with Adagio Inventory and Receivables.
  • JobTracker: A versatile and simple to use program to track the parts and labour required to complete a job or task. Use for Jobs, Quote, RMA’s and Bill of Materials.
  • POTracker: POTracker provides comphehensive Purchase Order and Receiving functions for Adagio Inventory, Payables, Order Entry and IMS SerialTracker or LotTracker. Generate an Order List from Order Entry Orders and JobTracker Jobs. Even place a part on a job from POTracker purchase orders or receipts.
  • LotTracker: Manage lotted inventory items for expiry, recall or availability. Integrated with IMS CounterSales, IMS JobTracker, Adagio Inventory and Adagio Order Entry.
  • SerialTracker: Manage serialized inventory items, integrated with Adagio Inventory, OrderEntry and IMS CounterSales.
  • LabelPrint: Print item shelf and barcode labels from Adagio inventory data. Labels can be printed for items in stock, on file or recently received.

Lenmax Software Solutions

For warehouse management and EDI translation products.

Lenmax Products

Lenmax Software Solutions designs and implements software applications for mid-market manufacturers, retail, transportation and distribution companies, 3rd party logistics warehouses. The majority of these solutions are based on real-time data collection on barcode scanners followed by further data processing on computer systems.


Inter-company transactions and several other utilities for simplifying complicated transactions.

Link2Systems Products
  • X-Company allows you to process intercompany transactions in a single batch and will self-balance intercompany due to/from accounts.
  • Payments on Orders records and processes all types of prepayments on sales orders and automatically applies them to invoices upon shipment of orders. This solution can also be used to help integrate your webstore with Adagio.
  • Link2 FlowThru helps you allocate large deposits to multiple receivable and/or payable accounts. In addition, this solution eliminates the need to record allocations in spreadsheets.
  • Orders Link2 Jobs allows you to allocate the cost of parts or services within Adagio OrderEntry to any open job in Adagio JobCost.
  • Ship2Link will export all shipping details to your preferred courier and then import the required tracking numbers into Adagio OrderEntry.

North49 Software

A feature-rich, fully integrated eCommerce solution for Adagio software.


Webtelligence is a feature-rich, fully integrated eCommerce solution for Adagio. From Webtelligence Connect, a portal where your trading partners, customers and vendors can self-manage some or all aspects of their Adagio account to a feature-packed B2B & B2C Enterprise-level eCommerce solution, Webtelligence offers you a solution that promotes customer loyalty and improves your bottom line. Webtelligence is scalable and flexible addressing your unique B2B and B2C requirements today and ready to accommodate your future growth.

PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll is an affordable Canadian payroll solution designed specifically to integrate with Adagio software.

PayDirt Canadian Payroll

We love PayDirt Payroll. Timesheet entry is done in a spreadsheet style grid which all users understand and which allows easy access to every entry and amount.

PayDirt Payroll is a feature-loaded program with user customizable reporting, effortless distribution of payroll expenses to multiple departments (even EI, CPP, and WCB amounts), daily timesheet imports, customizable HR event tracking, job costing, effortless override of any calculated amount, Direct Deposit and automatic email of Direct Deposit slips, laser printed ROEs, year after year payroll history, quick cheque reversals, automatic handling of mid-month advances, electronic submission of T4s, T4As, and T4Es, MICR encoding of blank cheques, unlimited paycodes and employees, and much, much more.


For integrated and flexible credit card and payment processing for Adagio.

REPAY Realtime Electronic Payments

REPAY offers omni-channel B2C and B2B integrated payment solutions for every Adagio user. Whether you are making B2B payments or collecting them, REPAY is your full-service payments provider. Offering an all-in-one payments solution that is trusted by thousands of clients daily to process AR payments, automate AP supplier payments, and reduce risk without changing your current accounting processes. Power up your payments to empower your business and accelerate the AP and AR payment flow with Integrated B2B Payments from REPAY today!

Smart Hotel Software

A fully integrated software package designed to manage any hospitality property.

Smart Hotel Software

Smart Hotel Software is a fully integrated software package designed to manage any hospitality property. It combines best of breed functionality with seamless, all-in-one integration, including integration to Adagio software for back-end accounting. Hotels, motels, campgrounds, marinas, hostels, resorts, inns, yacht charters and time-share properties should all check out this software.


Complete fixed assets management for Adagio software.

Fixed Assets for Adagio

SoftCay’s easy to use Fixed Assets for Adagio is a complete asset management system. It’s ideal for any organization with critical record-keeping needs such as maintenance and inspection records. It’s also great for organizations who wish to maintain a complete inventory of their Tangible Capital Assets, together with all associated documents for each item.

Time Traveler Backups

Encrypted off site backup and disaster recovery software.

Time Traveler Backups

Time Traveler Backups gives you a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution for your organization that includes everything that you need. As long as you maintain your subscription there’s never anything to purchase. They provide you with the software, hardware, secure offsite storage, installation, and daily monitoring required to ensure that all of your information is backed up (both onsite backup and to their secure data center). If you have a need to restore your data, Time Traveler Backups and AccSys Solutions are available to work with you (or your IT provider) to not only restore your data, but your entire server as well (in the event of a total server failure).

WellSpring Software

For enhanced laser printing and blank cheque stock.

PrintBoss & Blank Cheques
  • PrintBoss makes your documents smarter because it adds the intelligence to print, email, fax and digitally file your documents anywhere on your network. PrintBoss seamlessly integrates with Adagio accounting software. Most customers use PrintBoss to create cheques on blank cheque paper. PrintBoss creates the cheque format and all the check information including the company information, bank account number, bank routing number and cheque number. You can save 80% of the cost of buying preprinted cheques. Companies with multiple bank accounts can use the same paper for all of the cheque that they print.
  • Blank Cheques: Protect yourself by using quality 24-pound cheque stock with multiple security features. Wellspring Software’s cheque stock is the first defense against forgery, counterfeiting, alteration, erasure, toner removal, and photocopying. Our cheque stock is specifically designed for PrintBoss cheque printing. The most popular cheques are formatted stub/stub/cheque. The smooth bottom edge helps your bank easily read your MICR line. Page perforations and cheque background colors fit exactly with the standard form files distributed with PrintBoss so that cheques can be printed within minutes of installing the software.

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