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Accounting Solutions for Not For Profits

Tracking funding and expenses is very important. Not for Profits typically operate within tight budgets, and face very demanding reporting requirements.

Adagio Accounting’s outstanding financial reporting tools provide timely and accurate financial and management reports you can count on to run your organization.

Adagio Accounting Is Ideally Suited to Not For Profits
  • With Adagio Ledger’s award-winning Financial Reporter, the financial officer can produce exactly the reports needed, easily and effectively. In addition, Adagio GridView can put a read-only reporting tool on any desk where someone needs access to accounting data in real time. Alternatively, smaller organizations can look to Adagio FX, which gives password-controlled, read-only access. You create the template for management, and they can get their reports at any time, without bothering the accounting department.
  • Modules like Receivables, BankRec and Purchase Orders offer the tools the financial officer needs to run a tight ship financially, because running a Not for Profit organization is always a balancing act.
  • The move to Adagio is a smooth and easy transition that won’t cost your organization an arm and a leg. The software itself is reasonably priced, and Adagio is not resource-intensive; as long as you have business class hardware acquired within the last three years, you can run Adagio. Most existing databases can be easily converted to Adagio.

Not For Profit Accounting Solution Components

Adagio Ledger & Financial Reporter
Adagio Ledger provides complete General Ledger account management for users of all Adagio sub-ledgers. Financial Statements are created using Softrak’s award winning financial report writer.

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Adagio GridView
GridView lets you give personnel access to your Adagio accounting data, without giving them access to the accounting programs themselves. Since GridView is “read only” you don’t have to worry about bad things happening to your accounting data because of untrained operators.

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Adagio FX
Adagio Ledger users can use Adagio FX to combine multiple entities in a single financial statement. FX also lets users access their own security controlled financial statements without allowing them access to change the underlying data.

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Adagio BankRec
Adagio BankRec provides a centralized module to manage your cash position. Find out your current bank balances with a single mouse click. Pick up transactions from Adagio Payables and send cash receipts to Adagio Receivables. Account for NSF checks in a single step. Reconcile all your accounts to your bank statement and Adagio Ledger in minutes instead of hours.

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Adagio Purchase Orders
Adagio Purchase Orders completes your Adagio solution for not-for-profit budgeting control.

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Adagio Receivables
Manage your customer/client accounts with complete aging and analysis reports. Customer statistics allow you to identify your best clients. Statements and automatic interest processing encourage prompt payment. Simple point and click inquiries with drill-down to matching transaction detail speed response to your clients’ questions regarding their account status or that of specific invoices.

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Workforce Management
Workforce Management solutions are critical for not for profits that have outgrown entry-level software. It’s generally obvious when an organization needs a new payroll solution with greater flexibility, but it is not so obvious when it’s time to replace systems for human resources and time & attendance. However, if you are relying upon manual and/or spreadsheet workarounds, then it’s time to consider a better system.

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