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Payroll & Workforce Management Systems

PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll is an affordable Canadian payroll solution designed specifically to integrate with Adagio.

Timesheet entry is done in a spreadsheet style grid which all users understand and which allows easy access to every entry and amount. PayDirt Payroll is a feature-loaded program with user customizable reporting, effortless distribution of payroll expenses to multiple departments (even EI, CPP, and WCB amounts), daily timesheet imports, customizable HR event tracking, job costing, effortless override of any calculated amount, Direct Deposit and automatic email of Direct Deposit slips, laser printed ROEs, year after year payroll history, quick cheque reversals, automatic handling of mid-month advances, electronic submission of T4s, T4As, and T4Es, MICR encoding of blank cheques, unlimited paycodes and employees, and much, much more.

PayDirt is one of our very favourite programs because it solves so many payroll headaches, and works so well.

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Genesis Pro Enterprise Labour Management

Genesis Pro will help you gain greater control over productivity and provide the accuracy needed in your workforce management operations. It is an easy-to-use, powerful time and attendance solution that allows you to automate your company’s timekeeping, attendance tracking, job costing, benefit administration, labor scheduling, data collection and access control.

Genesis Pro eliminates paper timesheets, which are the root of most payroll nightmares!

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XactTime Web-Based Workforce Management Software

XactTime is a web-based time and attendance solution that provides a superior user experience with flexible add-ons meant to grow and evolve with your company. XactTime’s mobile application turns any iOS or Android smartphone into a mobile time clock. The app works seamlessly to allow employees who travel, are remote, or have multiple jobs sites to clock in and manage their own employee dashboard from their mobile phone.

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TA100 Pro Time & Attendance

TA100 Pro provides an easy solution for collecting, editing and reporting employee time. This solution enables managers and supervisors to automate the data collection process while minimizing time spent preparing payroll. By eliminating paper timesheets TA100 Pro allows you to track employee time, break down employee time (time spent for vacation, sick days, personal time off) and export directly into most accounting programs, including Adagio Accounting. TA100 Pro supports a variety of time clocks or terminals.

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DayTrack Workforce Management Software

DayTrack improves compliance, increases employee engagement, and provides insight into labour utilization.

For employees, DayTrack provides simple and friendly employee self-service so employees feel empowered to manage their time, schedules, benefits, PTO and other workforce management related tasks more effectively and independently.

For administrators, DayTrack’s complex data capture and reporting creates opportunities to project costs by project, department, time frame, etc., and measure against actual utilization to help you make more informed decisions about attendance, labour utilization, overtime, task timelines and more.

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