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Adagio Accounting Software

Why We Recommend Adagio Accounting Software

We support accounting software that has consistently earned our confidence. That software is Adagio Accounting by Softrak Systems. Adagio is Windows-based, modular suite of accounting solutions that consistently delivers results as promised. Their software is robust, intuitive, and easy to learn.

Adagio’s award-winning financial reporter is it’s best asset. It provides easy to create, yet incredibly powerful and flexible financial reports. The Financial Reporter’s drill-down feature lets you view detailed transactions from a financial statement in seconds, and send those details to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis at the click of a button.

Adagio is also backed up by a wide offering of Third Party add-ons that add functionality to Adagio in vertical markets, and help us further tailor Adagio to the specific needs of your business.

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Best-Fit Industries

We are also recognized members of the several industry-specific task forces with Softrak, the developers of Adagio Accounting Software. Softrak has established these task forces, in recognition that Adagio is an ideal fit for these types of organizations. These “best-fit” industries include:

A Modular Approach

adagio accounting logoAdagio Accounting is “modular”, so your accounting solutions is built as a combinations of modules, or building blocks, such as General Ledger, Inventory, Accounts Payable and so on. These modules are generally sold as “suites”, in their most commonly used combinations:

Adagio Financial Suite

Adagio Accounting’s Financial Suite gives you the information you need to work strategically and profitably.

  • The award-winning financial report writer lets you drill down to transaction details and compare multiple years on the same page.
  • Pay electronically or use blank cheque forms with MICR encoding.
  • Receivables lets you use the invoicing solution that’s best for you: Adagio Invoices, Adagio OrderEntry, CounterSales for Adagio, or JobTracker for Adagio.
  • Reconcile your bank statement(s) in just minutes a month.
Adagio Ledger & Finanacial Reporter
Adagio Ledger provides complete General Ledger account management for users of all Adagio sub-ledgers. Adagio Ledger account inquiry includes drill down to the full journal entry and sub-ledger details. Set up automatic re-allocations of account balances to other accounts or departments. Date sensitivity makes sure that transactions are posted to the applicable period, or force transactions to a specific period in your fiscal calendar. Provisionally post transactions to verify their impact on your trial balance prior to committing them.

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Financial Statements are created using Softrak’s award winning financial report writer.

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Adagio Receivables
Adagio Receivables manages your customer accounts, including customizable optional fields, on behalf of all Adagio invoicing solutions. Locate customer information quickly using the Adagio Receivables customizable grid. Easily locate customers using their contact information, address, phone number or other remembered data. Batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls. Simple point and click inquiries, with drill-down to matching transactions and G/L revenue account allocation. Statements and automatic interest processing encourage prompt payment.

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Adagio Payables
Adagio Payables manages your vendor accounts, including customizable optional fields, to automatically maximize early payment discounts and identify your most important vendors. Locate vendor information quickly using Adagio Payables’ customizable grid. Easily locate vendors using their contact information, address, phone number or other remembered data. Batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls. Simple point and click inquiries, with drill-down to matching transactions and G/L expense account allocation.

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Adagio EFT
Adagio EFT provides electronic payment functionality and may be used for both system and manual check runs. Adagio EFT allows you to fax or email payment advices with remittance details to your vendors.

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Telpay Electronic Payments, an Adagio Add-On, allows you to go paperless while maintaining solid checks and balances. You’ll save time on bank reconciliation and money on postage, envelopes, transfers and never having to write a paper cheque again. This electronic payment solution gives you the ability to pay any bill in any major foreign currency.

Adagio BankRec
Adagio BankRec is a centralized module that tracks your bank balances and lets you manage your cash position. With Adagio BankRec, you can reconcile accounts to your bank statement and Adagio Ledger quickly and easily. Import your electronic bank statement to complete your reconciliation in minutes rather than hours. Automatically reverse NSF checks, accounting for bank fees and other charges.

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Adagio Business Management Suite

Adagio Accounting’s Business Management Tools give non-accounting staff accounting data without giving them the ability to modify it.

Adagio GridView
GridView lets you give personnel access to your Adagio accounting data, without giving them access to the accounting programs themselves. Since GridView is “read only” you don’t have to worry about bad things happening to your accounting data because of untrained operators.

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Crystal Reports for Adagio
Crystal Reports is the industry standard reporting engine for accounting systems, specifically designed to work with your accounting data.

Adagio Productivity Tools

Adagio Productivity Tools make the entire accounting department run more efficiently.

Adagio Console
Adagio Console simplifies site administration and automates repetitive tasks. For example, Console will:

  • Copy user settings, quickly propagating user Preferences, Report Favorites, data sets and more
  • Automate repetitive tasks like Day End or Batch Processing
  • Force users out Adagio to perform updates or data integrity checks, even when the user has left for the day.

Once you have Console, you’ll wonder how you administered your Adagio site without it!

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Adagio DataCare
Adagio DataCare automatically checks all your Adagio data, after hours, unattended! Whether you are running multiple Adagio modules, or working with multiple company data sets, Adagio DataCare will provide peace of mind and ensure the integrity of your accounting data. DataCare will automatically send you an e-mail on success or failure, including a detailed report. Peace of mind has never been easier!

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Adagio DocStore

Adagio DocStore enables the manual and automatic linking of PDF documents to Adagio accounting transactions and master files. Generated PDFs (Invoices, Credit Notes, Inventory Receipts) are automatically attached to their source transaction. Accounts Payables invoices can be attached or scanned during batch entry. All reports can be generated to PDF and automatically filed. Once a document is attached to a transaction in a batch, the document will automatically “flow” to transactions in other modules.

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Adagio Operational Suite

At the core of its Operational Suite, Adagio combines a batch interface with online processing for its order entry and inventory software.

Adagio Inventory Control
Adagio Inventory helps you manage your stock with ease, including a complete multi-location stock management and control system which tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments.

Your price list can be automatically updated based on sale price or standard cost, by percentage, amount, markup or margin. You can add items on the fly while entering receipts and shipments.

Units of Measure are maintained and verified during item entry. Inventory handles stock transfers between unlimited locations, and items can be labeled active or inactive, by location.

Tools like the Grid Editor – which allows customization of screens, field selection, title, size and column position – let each user tailor Adagio Inventory to their specific task in the organization, from warehouse to order desk.

Most inventory item numbering schemes are supported through a 16-character item number in four user-defined segments.

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Adagio Order Entry
Adagio OrderEntry automates your sales order entry and invoicing, giving you the ability to manage backorders, future orders, standing orders, invoices, and credit notes.

Orders can be imported from external systems, and a complete order, invoice and credit note history is maintained in the system.

Adagio OrderEntry allows you to copy and restore orders between customers, complete with order re-pricing from inventory as the new order is created.

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Adagio Purchase Orders
Adagio PurchaseOrders allows you to easily track outstanding POs by expected receipt date, keep detailed purchase history, and generate customized POs that can be emailed or faxed to your suppliers.

The ability to auto generate PO’s based upon reorder criteria, and create “drop ship” POs straight from a sales order, will greatly streamline the purchasing function.

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Adagio SalesCQ
Adagio SalesCQ makes communication a breeze. Adagio SalesCQ combines the information in Receivables, OrderEntry, and Inventory with contact and quote management features such as callback dates, reasons and reports, individual or mail merge emails, letters or faxes.

Adagio SalesCQ includes basic CRM (customer relationship management) functionality with robust and searchable customer note capability. If a full-blown CRM solution is required, Adagio can be integrated with Goldmine CRM.

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Adagio Sales Analysis
Adagio SalesAnalysis makes capturing critical sales data at the detail level easy and allows for refined analysis with online inquiry, statistics, charting, and reporting.

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Adagio Cloud

Adagio Accounting is now available as a cloud (hosted) solution. The cloud provides small businesses with a more cost-effective way of acquiring software and computing power.

General ledger, financial reporter, accounts payable and bank reconciliation.

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Accounts receivable and invoices.

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Accounts receivable, order entry, service invoicing, CRM / quote management, RMA processing, sales analysis.
Inventory control, including bill of materials and purchase orders.
Job costing and purchase orders.
Enables foreign-currency capability.
GridView, ChartView and FXPro,

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