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Inventory & Distribution Accounting Solutions

Controlling the process, meeting customer demands, and protecting profit margins – these are the keys to a successful distribution operation.

Having the right products at the right price in the quantity needed to fulfill customer demand is at the core of a well-run distribution business. It’s a deceptively simple formula for what can be a complex and often chaotic process, fraught with potential margin deterioration at every point – from purchasing, to sales order entry, to shipping. Furthermore, moving, losing, and finding inventory can erode profits even further.

Adagio’s Distribution Suite gives you the tools you need to address challenges specific to your distribution business. You’ll gain complete control of your inventory on both the sales order entry and purchasing sides of your operation.
  • Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Purchase Orders are the engine of the Adagio Distribution Suite.
  • Complete orders can be entered directly, imported from external systems or accepted from EDI and eCommerce. We have extensive experience integrating Adagio with external systems.
  • The information you need to make quick, sound business decisions is available — you get unsurpassed inquiries and reports with GridView, Crystal Reports, and Sales Analysis.
  • Front line staff members get the customer, order and inventory information they need from SalesCQ (CRM) as well as through electronic notes and alerts.
  • The Distribution Suite also includes productivity tools from simple label printing to a full Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Inventory & Distribution Accounting Solution Components

Adagio Inventory Control
Adagio Inventory helps you manage your stock with ease, including a complete multi-location stock management and control system which tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments.

Your price list can be automatically updated based on sale price or standard cost, by percentage, amount, markup or margin. You can add items on the fly while entering receipts and shipments.

Units of Measure are maintained and verified during item entry. Inventory handles stock transfers between unlimited locations, and items can be labeled active or inactive, by location.

Tools like the Grid Editor – which allows customization of screens, field selection, title, size and column position – let each user tailor Adagio Inventory to their specific task in the organization, from warehouse to order desk.

Most inventory item numbering schemes are supported through a 16-character item number in four user-defined segments.

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Adagio Order Entry
Adagio OrderEntry automates your sales order entry and invoicing, giving you the ability to manage backorders, future orders, standing orders, invoices, and credit notes.

Orders can be imported from external systems, and a complete order, invoice and credit note history is maintained in the system.

Adagio OrderEntry allows you to copy and restore orders between customers, complete with order re-pricing from inventory as the new order is created.

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Adagio Purchase Orders
Adagio PurchaseOrders allows you to easily track outstanding POs by expected receipt date, keep detailed purchase history, and generate customized POs that can be emailed or faxed to your suppliers.

The ability to auto generate PO’s based upon reorder criteria, and create “drop ship” POs straight from a sales order, will greatly streamline the purchasing function.

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Adagio SalesCQ
Adagio SalesCQ makes communication a breeze. Adagio SalesCQ combines the information in Receivables, OrderEntry, and Inventory with contact and quote management features such as callback dates, reasons and reports, individual or mail merge emails, letters or faxes.

Adagio SalesCQ includes basic CRM (customer relationship management) functionality with robust and searchable customer note capability. If a full-blown CRM solution is required, Adagio can be integrated with Goldmine CRM.

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Adagio Sales Analysis
Adagio SalesAnalysis makes capturing critical sales data at the detail level easy and allows for refined analysis with online inquiry, statistics, charting, and reporting.

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Adagio Financial Suite
The Adagio Distribution Suite integrates seamlessly with the Adagio Financial Suite, which includes:

  • Adagio Ledger
  • Adagio Financial Reporter
  • Adagio Payables
  • Adagio EFT
  • Adagio Receivables
  • Adagio BankRec
  • PayDirt Payroll

Are You Ready To Make Your Distribution Business More Profitable?

With our extensive background in inventory and distribution-driven organizations, we can help turn your accounting system into your competitive advantage.

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