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Accounting Software for Chain and Franchise Head Offices

Head offices for multiple chains and franchises such as fast food, entertainment and restaurant businesses have unique needs. Smooth payroll and accounts payable operations are crucial elements in accounting software for head offices.

Head offices have the work and responsibility of more than a single accounting department — chains and franchise locations generally rely upon the head office for most if not all accounts payable, payroll and general accounting functions.

Point of Sale systems at the store, restaurant or entertainment venue must be integrated with head office accounting, too.

At AccSys Solutions we are skilled accounting system integrators. Many of our clients run software that is specific to their industry, and come to us for “back office accounting” integration. One of our greatest strengths is integrating core accounting functionality, such as Receivables, Payables, Financial Reporting and General Ledger, with existing industry-specific solutions such as Point of Sale. Back office accounting integrates seamlessly with “front office” systems, for a clean, tailored solution that keeps your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Head Office Accounting Software Components

Adagio Ledger & Financial Reporter

Adagio Ledger provides complete General Ledger account management for users of all Adagio sub-ledgers. Financial Statements are created using Softrak’s award winning financial report writer.

Ledger’s flexible account structure, combined with the power of the Financial Reporter, gives your head office the flexibility you need to see both the big picture, and to manage the books at the store or franchise level.

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Adagio Payables

Adagio Payables provides complete accounts payable management for head offices.

Manage your vendor accounts to maximize early payment discounts. Vendor statistics allow you to identify your most important vendors. Simple point and click inquiries, with drill-down to matching transactions and G/L expense account allocation, speed response to your vendors’ questions.

Record your vendor addresses and contact information, and use customizable optional fields for your vendors.

Flexible accounting functionality lets you track individual locations or franchises easily. Group your vendors by control accounts. Manage early payment discounts automatically. Accurately allocate invoice expenses to multiple G/L accounts. Batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls. Record invoices, checks and adjustments against vendor accounts. Match checks to invoices easily.

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Payroll & Workforce Management
Payroll functions and workforce management are generally performed at the head office level when chains or franchises are involved. PayDirt Payroll offers both flexibility and seamless Adagio Accounting integration.

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