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Accounting Software Solutions

We support accounting software that has consistently earned our confidence, and we also use the same tools we recommend internally to run our own business.

Adagio AccountingAdagio Accounting from Softrak Systems is a modular suite of accounting solutions that integrates well with many third party products. We use these third party products to tailor Adagio to specific vertical markets and unique accounting demands.

As the top world-wide Adagio reseller since 2005, we’ve installed Adagio into more businesses than any other company. This gives us a special relationship with Softrak Systems and improves the service we can give to you. 

Our Accounting Software Services include:

Customized Report Writing
AccSys will turn your accounting data into business intelligence, through customized management and financial reporting. We’ll help you identify key indicators in your business, and provide you with reporting tools that highlight them. Stay on top of your organization through timely and purposeful reports tailored to your specific needs.
Smooth Implementation
Any new system is only as strong as its implementation. In this area especially, our experience is your advantage. AccSys Solutions will put your new system into operation smoothly, with minimal disruption to your ongoing business.
Back Office Accounting Integration
Many of our clients run software that is specific to their industry, and come to us for “back office accounting” integration. One of our specialities is integrating core accounting functionality, such as Receivables, Payables, Financial Reporting and General Ledger, with existing industry-specific solutions. Back office accounting integrates seamlessly with “front office” systems, for a clean, tailored solution that keeps your operation running smoothly and efficiently.
Customized Training
Implementation is coupled with training, either individually or in groups. Our goal is to have management and staff proficiently delighted with any and all changes to their accounting routines. We are also aware that change can be hard, and should be introduced sensitively.
Speedy Technical Support
Our technical support is always available, either online, by telephone, or on-site when appropriate. Our Online Support is both easy to use, and the fastest way to get help. Within minutes, a technician can share your desktop with you, and get most issues resolved virtually instantly.
Managed Upgrades
We encourage our clients to stay current with technology. Because we recognize that upgrading can cause temporary upheaval to your system, we pay special attention to managing the timing and process of your upgrades, to minimize interruption and maximize your benefits.
Automation and Integration
We often find ways to increase business efficiently in areas not traditionally considered part of the accounting process, simply by observing how things are currently done. We’ll eliminate duplicated data entry tasks and identify other ways technology can keep you lean and efficient.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
A well designed CRM system lets your staff profile your customers and record each customer contact. A good CRM system will reap real benefits through improved customer satisfaction and retention.
Disaster Recovery/ Data Repair
Highest priority is given to data base repairs and all our repairs are guaranteed. If disaster strikes your accounting department, call us immediately.

Our Industry Specializations

While we have clients in many different types of businesses, our skill-set and the software tools we use are particularly well suited to these industries:


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