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  • Dakota SoftwareThe Toolkit for Adagio is an essential collection of utilities for Adagio. All versions of Adagio products are supported.
  • National Accounts for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that sell to chain stores, branch offices or subsidiaries, where the head office pays the bill. A single payment can be easily applied to outstanding invoices.
  • ePack for Adagio provides bar code scanning for orders that need to be picked, packed, and shipped. Shipments are expedited with greater accuracy, resulting in fewer credits and returns. Packed items are validated using a wired or wireless bar code scanner. Once an order has been packed, ePack can print Advanced Shipping Notice labels and update the order’s shipped quantity. Combine with Edisoft Merchant to complete the EDI process.
  • Rentals for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that rent, sell or service equipment.
    • Rentals for Adagio is ideally suited for the construction industry, where recurring billing and inventory management can be a challenge.
    • For example: construction equipment, machinery, tools, scaffolding, fencing and forms.
    • You can expect seamless integration with Adagio Receivables, Inventory, Sales Analysis and Ledger. Invoices are automatically generated, printed and transferred to Receivables.
  • Remote Orders for Adagio provides the salesperson with the ability to build a sales order or quote while on-site. Eliminate those phoned in orders.

    Prepare the order with current item information, customer pricing, order history, customer and item inquiry. The sales staff will appreciate the same order entry experience as Adagio Order Entry. Orders can be printed with Order Entry specifications.

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