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We Address Business Problems Head-On

AAdagio Consultant Reseller.t AccSys Solutions, our accounting and financial solutions address business problems head-on, helping your organization run more efficiently and competitively. Every business faces different challenges. Our strength is identifying those challenges, recognizing your company’s unique way of doing things, and finding creative solutions that take both into account. At the same time, we’ll give you the tools you need to maximize business opportunities to their fullest potential, and we’ll help you become more profitable.

AccSys Solutions has a full time Adagio Help Desk, which means we can offer immediate support when you need it, rather than as we become available.

AccSys Solutions is proud that we have achieved world wide recognition as the top reseller for Adagio Accounting software, since 2005. Adagio Accounting has quickly become recognized internationally as outstanding, well-supported and reliable Windows accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our commitment to this product is evident, both in our resulting expertise, and in the recognition we have attained in this field: Top worldwide adagio reseller since 2005.

  • Adagio President’s Club Members continuously since its inception in 2005
  • Mentors to over 20 Adagio Dealer Business Partners across North America
  • Premier Resellers of Adagio every year since 2003.

Why? — We feel good about recommending, installing and using Adagio, and our clients and colleagues do, too.

Why Clients Like and Trust AccSys Solutions


These facts about AccSys Solutions are important to our clients and prospects.
1. We are the world’s largest Adagio Consultant Reseller, Premier Resellers since 2003 and an Adagio President’s Club member since 2005. Our consultants have great depth and breadth of experience — expertise when and where you need it.
2. Fixed price options for every project, including technical support. The scope of your project is well defined before it’s begun so there are no consulting surprises or billing surprises.
3. Mentor to over 20 Adagio Dealer Business Partners across North America. Our expertise has helped other dealers and consultants provide high-value Adagio solutions, extending the expertise we can provide for you.
4. Experience with customizing and integrating third party modules with Adagio, both for clients and our own system. We use the same system that we recommend to you so we know how to get the most out of it.
5. One of the Top 3 Adagio Consultant Reseller posters on Adagio Technical Support Forum. This is another way we provide our expertise — the more you know, the better we can help you.
6. AccSys Solutions has a full-time, fully-staffed Adagio help desk. Guaranteed, quality support for members on our Access Level Agreements — you get the level of support you need.
7. Proud member of the Information Technology Alliance. We keep abreast of advances in our industry, not just what’s happening with Adagio — you get the benefit of “outside the box” thinking.




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