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Contact UsIf you would like to spend more time growing your business rather than tinkering with yet another spreadsheet to get the financial information you need, the Adagio Financial Suite is the solution. The comprehensive Financial Suite consists of Adagio Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Payables, optional EFT add-on, Invoices, BankRec, and Payroll:

  • The award-winning financial report writer lets you drill down to transaction details and compare multiple years on the same page.
  • Pay electronically or use blank cheque forms with MICR encoding.
  • Receivables lets you use the invoicing solution that’s best for you: Adagio Invoices, Adagio OrderEntry, CounterSales for Adagio, or JobTracker for Adagio.
  • Reconcile your bank statement(s) in just minutes a month.

Financial Statments.Juggling spreadsheets is symptomatic of having outgrown an entry level accounting software package. The Adagio Financial Suite is a modular, batch-oriented, and powerful accounting software system that frees you from redundant and time-consuming manual processes. Adagio offers full departmental accounting, is easy to learn, with form and keyboard-oriented data entry, tight audit trails and unsurpassed reporting flexibility.

AccSys Solutions works with hundreds of businesses throughout North America and is the world’s largest Adagio Consultant Reseller. Our fixed priced solutions means there are no billing surprises: resulting in hundreds of confident and loyal customers.

Adagio Financial Suite

Adagio Ledger

Adagio Ledger provides complete General Ledger account management for users of all Adagio sub-ledgers. Adagio Ledger account inquiry includes drill down to the full journal entry and sub-ledger details. Set up automatic re-allocations of account balances to other accounts or departments. Date sensitivity makes sure that transactions are posted to the applicable period, or force transactions to a specific period in your fiscal calendar. Provisionally post transactions to verify their impact on your trial balance prior to committing them.
Financial Statements are created using Softrak's award winning financial report writer.

Adagio Payables, Adagio EFT, and Telpay Electronic Payments

Adagio Payables manages your vendor accounts, including customizable optional fields, to automatically maximize early payment discounts and identify your most important vendors. Locate vendor information quickly using Adagio Payables' customizable grid. Easily locate vendors using their contact information, address, phone number or other remembered data. Batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls. Simple point and click inquiries, with drill-down to matching transactions and G/L expense account allocation.

Adagio EFT provides electronic payment functionality and may be used for both system and manual check runs. Adagio EFT allows you to fax or email payment advices with remittance details to your vendors.

Telpay Electronic Payments allows you to go paperless while maintaining solid checks and balances. You’ll save time on bank reconciliation and money on postage, envelopes, transfers and never having to write a paper cheque again. This electronic payment solution gives you the ability to pay any bill in any major foreign currency.

Adagio Receivables

Adagio Receivables manages your customer accounts, including customizable optional fields, on behalf of all Adagio invoicing solutions. Locate customer information quickly using the Adagio Receivables customizable grid. Easily locate customers using their contact information, address, phone number or other remembered data. Batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls. Simple point and click inquiries, with drill-down to matching transactions and G/L revenue account allocation. Statements and automatic interest processing encourage prompt payment.

National Accounts for Adagio

National Accounts for Adagio is useful to companies that deal with chain stores, branch offices or subsidiary accounts where the head office pays the bills. A single payment can be easily applied to outstanding invoices on multiple customer accounts.

Adagio BankRec

Adagio BankRec is a centralized module that tracks your bank balances and lets you manage your cash position. With Adagio BankRec, you can reconcile accounts to your bank statement and Adagio Ledger quickly and easily. Import your electronic bank statement to complete your reconciliation in minutes rather than hours. Automatically reverse NSF checks, accounting for bank fees and other charges.

PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll makes your Canadian payroll easier to do and simpler to run, generating the desired accounting transactions without having to do additional work outside of the payroll program.

Adagio Business Management Suite

Adagio GridView

Adagio GridView provides accounting data to your non-accounting personnel without requiring them to learn how to use the accounting programs. Through Adagio GridView, data is “read only,” safeguarding the information from accidental changes or deletions.

Crystal Reports for Adagio

Crystal Reports is the industry standard reporting engine for accounting systems, specifically designed to work with your accounting data.





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