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Free Adagio Training

All AccSys clients should take advantage of the free Show Me How videos and Webinars on the Adagio web site. In addition to product webinars and special feature training webinars, be sure to view the overview webinars when new versions are released.

Electronic copies (PDFs) of the Adagio manuals are also free at Products | Manuals. Because the manuals are electronic, they are very easy to search using ^F (ctrl/Find).

Free Support

Any Adagio client with an Access Level Agreement can post their questions for free on the Adagio Tech Support Forum. This forum is monitored by Adagio consultants throughout North America and the Caribbean, including your AccSys consultants. This is a free service, so no time frame for an answer is guaranteed.

You’ll get the best response if you state your problem clearly, refrain from abbreviations, and include the name, version number, and release date of your applicable Adagio modules (click Help | About in the Adagio module). DON'T USE ALL UPPERCASE IN YOUR POST -- IT WILL SEEM LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING.


Access Level Agreement members also get free support for any day-to-day problems and with installing and implementing software upgrades. Simply contact AccSys Solutions at or 1-800-534-4344 x1. Note that consulting required for problems caused by lack of training, implementing new modules or new hardware, or equipment failure will be charged separately

Other Support

Consulting required to implement new modules or new hardware can generally be given for a fixed fee, less a discount for Access Level Agreement members. Non-routine support, necessitated by untrained personnel or equipment failure, is provided on an hourly basis, less a discount for Access Level Agreement members.

Other Adagio Training

AccSys Access Level Agreement members get a discount on training materials and training events purchased through AccSys Solutions.

The first step above free training is User Guides. These guides give step-by-step training in data entry and can be reused by new data entry staff. If you did not get a set with your Adagio software, get them before your next data entry staff are hired or if you want to do cross training for holidays, etc.

Other Adagio TrainingLecture training is provided in Adagio Boot Camps, Workshops, and the Adagio Opportunity Conference. See Training and Events for details, locations, and dates.

At only $49 for the half day Adagio Boot Camp, everyone involved with Adagio should attend at least once. The most active users in the accounting office should attend once a year to keep up-to-date.

Workshops are held for the Financial Reporter and GridView. They are most beneficial for power users and give the Adagio client the utmost in skills needed for reporting flexibility. Other users, with less intense needs, can rely on AccSys consultants to create new reports or modify existing reports when needed.

The primary networking and training event for companies using Adagio is the Adagio Opportunity Conference. This three day event is great value for companies that rely on their accounting department to produce the management reports to make critical decisions. In addition to lecture training on modules currently used and networking with companies with similar problems, this is where to learn about other Adagio modules and Third Party modules that can give your company a strategic advantage.

Finally, for training that is customized and personal, you can’t do better than a session with your AccSys consultant. To make this training as effective as possible, be sure your staff first take advantage of all the free and lower priced training options, reserving the consultant’s time for training specific to your company.


The very best value for your business dollar is consulting services from AccSys Solutions. Take advantage of their expertise in software and hardware to craft a solution that meets your business needs.

There are many types of consulting projects provided by AccSys Solutions:

  • Developing new processes and procedures. Work with a consultant to find ways to save money and make money
  • Implementing new modules or installing Adagio on new workstations or servers
  • Creating or modifying form specifications, Crystal reports, or GridView views
  • Creating import files and templates
  • Database repairs
  • Supporting custom solutions or integrations with non-Adagio┬ásolutions
  • Resolving issues from equipment failure or operator error

AccSys Access Level Agreement members get a free annual system review to be sure everything continues to run smoothly. However, during the year, if your situation changes or there are new opportunities, be sure to contact your AccSys consultant for their advice.

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