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Rentals for Adagio

When you rent, sell and service equipment for the construction industry, you need a software solution developed specifically for your rental business.

Rentals for Adagio is ideally suited to the construction industry, specifically designed for companies that rent, sell, or service equipment where recurring billing and rental inventory management are crucial, including:

  • Free Rentals for Adagio Accounting White equipment
  • machinery
  • tools
  • scaffolding
  • fencing
  • forms


AccSys Solutions works with rental companies like yours to give you a comprehensive view of your rental operation. With rental operational and accounting software from Adagio, you’ll gain complete control of contracts, invoicing, records and reporting.

Key features of Rentals for Adagio include:

  • Sales of parts and supplies
  • Item availability grid to review rented or booked items
  • Rental item management for rates, cost, serial numbers and history
  • Service records for tracking cost, repairs and ROI
  • Management reports for delinquent items, conflicts and profitability
  • Open-ended rental contract with recurring billing

Rentals for Adagio integrates seamlessly with Adagio Receivables, Inventory, Sales Analysis and Ledger. Invoices are automatically generated, printed and transferred to Receivables. The rental contract and invoice forms are user-defined.

Rental contracts can be open-ended with periodic billing of rented items, consumables or miscellaneous charges. The billing methods are versatile and capable of billing in advance or arrears, on different cycles and rates.

Service records can be applied to rented items. When these are combined with original cost and rental revenue, you can get a clear picture of your return on investment.

Several summarized rental reports are provided, as well as management reports, to help you identify booking conflicts and delinquent items.

Adagio users will appreciate the common “look & feel” and share functionality. For example, customer and item maintenance, contract filters and styles, data entry, reporting and backup functions are similar to Adagio.

Adagio Finanical Suite

The Adagio Financial Suite consists of: Adagio Ledger: several payment options including Adagio Payables, Adagio EFT, and Telpay; Adagio Receivables; and PayDirt Payroll. Learn more about the Adagio Financial Suite.




This is a representative list of modules and functionality. If you did not find what you were looking for, please let us know by contacting us at 1.888.534.4344 or email at

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