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AccSys Solutions' Support Policy

AccSys Solutions' philosophy of consulting and technical support is a partnership with our clients. We provide the expertise and our clients understand the value of using our expertise to make efficient and effective use of Adagio. The value of AccSys Solutions is the expertise, not the time taken to deliver the expertise.

We invest in our consultants and their training with the software developers and others. We have also invested in our own systems and automation. We actively encourage our clients to learn as much as possible from free and low priced materials: our newsletters, videos, webinars, forum, technical materials on the web, and training materials. The better foundation our clients have, the easier it is to provide our expertise.

We have found that the best way to deliver our expertise is with Access Level Agreements, which include the software licenses and routine technical support, along with fixed fee engagements for those services not covered by our Access Level Agreements.

In the long run, this method of delivering our expertise is most efficient and effective for all concerned. By utilizing our expertise when you need it, you will get the most value out of Adagio.

Technical Support Second to None

AccSys Solutions has the only fully staffed full-time Adagio Help Desk in Western Canada.

What is our Adagio Help Desk? Our Adagio Help Desk offers you access to our highly qualified technicians to assist you with your Adagio technical support needs. AccSys Solutions’ technical support team is made up of highly trained individuals dedicated to supporting your Adagio and Adagio Third Party modules. Whether it’s a simple “How do I…” question, or you have a critical error, or even if a complete disaster has occurred… we can help. Whatever your problem, we can provide the solution.
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Our technical support is always available, either interactively via the internet, by telephone, or on-site when appropriate. Our Online Desktop Support is both easy to use, and the fastest way to get help. Within minutes, a technician can share your desktop with you, and get most issues resolved virtually instantly.

Access Level Agreement

Outstanding Technical SupportOur Access Level Agreement (ALA) offers unlimited routine technical support along with a host of additional support services, all for a fixed price.

You will never have to pay for the answer to your Adagio question or resolution of routine issues again! Just pick up the phone and give us a call. Routine technical support, troubleshooting database issues, troubleshooting program issues, and more are all included.

For more information or a quote, please email us, or call the office nearest you. The Softrak Support Forum is also an excellent resource. You can reach it by clicking here.


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