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Why We Recommend Adagio Accounting

more infoWe support accounting software that has consistently earned our confidence. That software is Adagio Accounting by Softrak Systems.

Adagio is an award-winning, Windows-based, modular suite of accounting solutions that consistently delivers results as promised. Their software is robust, intuitive, and easy to learn.

Adagio is also backed up by a wide offering of Third Party solutions that add functionality to Adagio in vertical markets, and help us further tailor Adagio to the specific needs of our clients.

Adagio Consultant ResellerWe are an Adagio Consultant Reseller, and specialize in installation, conversion to, set-up, training and on-going maintenance of Adagio. AccSys Solutions is proud that we have achieved world wide recognition as the top reseller for Adagio Accounting software since 2005.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to discover the difference Adagio can make to how well you run your business. For more information about Adagio, please click here.

We are also recognized members of the several industry-specific task forces with Softrak, the developers of Adagio. Softrak has established these task forces, in recognition that Adagio is an ideal fit for these types of organizations, and that there are specific Adagio resellers, such as AccSys Solutions, which have extensive experience in these types of installations.

Please also note that amongst our various services related to Adagio, we offer online demonstrations, training and support. To make use of this resource, please visit our Online Support page, where you will find instructions on how internet technology can be used to easily learn more about Adagio from your own desk.

Our Adagio users also receive our Adagio newsletters by email or on this website: Solutions, The Score, and The Technologist.

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