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twenty years in businessWow, where does the time go? It’s hard to believe we are already celebrating our twenty year anniversary in the accounting technology consulting business. I want to take a minute to thank our clients for helping us make this happen. We continue to embrace new challenges and seek new solutions in an exciting field that is constantly evolving. We feel grateful that we get to come to a job every day that keeps us learning, and where we frequently discover new reports, tools, or solutions that can generate real, impactful results for the organizations we serve. We thank you for including us in the growth of your business, and for allowing us to help make a difference.

Our business has, of course, evolved. While Adagio solutions and accounting software support are still our core offerings, we have added time and attendance solutions and mid-sized business workforce management to our product mix. We continue to work with not for profits and inventory and distribution companies, and we also find we are an excellent fit for service and repair business that have an inventory component.

We also owe gratitude to the many software developers we work with. In partnering with you, we have been able to provide our clients with a breadth of outstanding technology that grows in functionality, usability and scope with every new installation or upgrade we provide.

Forgive me if I toot my own horn for a minute. Here are a few of the achievements of which I am particularly proud:

  • We have been the world’s leading Adagio Accounting Reseller since 2005
  • We have mentored over 20 Adagio Dealer Business Partners across North America
  • We have been Premier Resellers of Adagio every year since 2003
  • We one of the only full-time Adagio help desks in Canada,
  • We are proud members of the Information Technology Alliance.

Again, thank you to all our clients that have helped us reach this milestone, and I look forward to continuing to help you build your business, find new efficiencies and gain a leg up over your competition, so your business can realize its full potential.


Yours truly,

Doug Dickie

President, AccSys Solutions



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