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backup_wpWe’ve all heard the nightmare stories of companies that suffer data disasters, and find themselves without proper backups, losing weeks or months of transactional data. From the front lines, we can tell you that these are not urban myths. These stories are true! We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining sound backup practices, especially when it comes to your business’s financial data.

We frequently encourage our clients to take proper backup precautions with their data, and will continue to do so until the cows come home. As part of these efforts, we have published a white paper entitled “Best Practices for Backing Up”, and we encourage you to download it here: Best Practices for Backing Up White Paper. This white paper is free and contains sound, practical advice on how to both prevent and prepare for the worst.

We also want to introduce you to a cloud-based backup service that we recommend: VitaleSafe. VitaleSafe`s shadowSafe encrypted off-site storage allows you to securely store and share all your files and folders. While we have many reasons for recommending VitaleSafe, our most compelling reason is that the data is stored in Canada.

Why is it important that your data be physically stored in Canada? There are two compelling reasons to keep your data on home turf. Firstly, your data cannot be accessed by foreign governments. If your data is stored in the United States, on the other hand, your data can be seized at any time, without warrant, thanks to their Patriot Act. Secondly, should you require the physical backup appliance for an emergency restoration, there is no risk of that appliance getting tied up in customs when you need it most.

VitalESafeIf you want a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution for your organization that includes everything that you need, shadowSafe by VitalESafe is for you. As long as you maintain your shadowSafe subscription there’s never anything to purchase. They provide you with the software, hardware, secure offsite storage in Canada, installation, and daily monitoring required to ensure that all of your information is backed up (both onsite backup and to their secure data center). If you have a need to restore your data, VitalEsafe and AccSys Solutions are available to work with you (or your IT provider) to not only restore your data, but your entire server as well (in the event of a total server failure).

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