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Windows-XP-Service-Pack-1Please be aware that neither Microsoft nor Softrak Systems are supporting Windows Server 2003 and/or Windows XP workstations any longer. Any hardware that you purchased with these operating systems is also past the end of its useful life.

It is past time to replace the hardware you have running these obsolete operating systems.

Both Microsoft and Softrak have sent out notices providing lots of warning that these operating systems will no longer be supported. At AccSys Solutions our policy is to only support obsolete software on a best efforts basis and at a senior consultant’s charge out rate.

Please be aware that the current versions of Adagio require that Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5 be installed. Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5 is not supported by either Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP workstations. As it’s generally not a good idea to change your server and upgrade your accounting software concurrently, we recommend that you deploy any new hardware first and then once the hardware is stable do the Adagio upgrades.

If we can assist you in any way please feel free to give us a call toll free at 1.888.534.4344. We are here to help.


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