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Are you familiar with the Business Development Bank of Canada?  The BDC helps create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financingadvisory services and capital, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Their website features an entire section on COVID-19, where they have gathered following tools and advice to help you not only to get through the pandemic, but also to emerge stronger.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to one of the largest economic crises in history. In response, BDC surveyed 1,000 entrepreneurs and 2,000 consumers in Canada to gain a better understanding of how this crisis is changing the habits of Canadians and what the country’s entrepreneurs are doing to adapt and position themselves in this new context.

In their study “The Response: How Entrepreneurs Are Adapting to the Pandemic”, you can find out:

  • The impact of the crisis on the consumption and work habits of Canadians.
  • Five strategies prioritized by entrepreneurs in response to COVID-19.
  • Practical advice and case studies of entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated this new business context.

Download the study here.

With the vaccination rollout in high gear, many businesses are feeling more optimistic about the future, and are planning for Canada’s economic recovery. Now is a great time to visit the BDC website and start your plans too!

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