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LightningThink of the hours you have spent entering data, creating documents, preparing reports – and the time and cost it would take to recreate those documents.  Or worse, to have them lost forever.  It’s painful to contemplate.  It’s more excruciating to experience.

Here is a list of functions for a good backup system. Backing up your data correctly is the backbone of any disaster recovery plan.

  • Maintain at least one month of daily backups and one year of monthly backups
  • Maintain both on-site and off-site copies
  • Make full system backups that can be quickly restored to a different computer, even an empty computer
  • Actively monitor to insure your backups are running and uploading properly

The last item is extremely important. Every technician has a story about a computer user who thought they were backing up their data on a daily basis and storing it off site. Then a disaster happened that destroyed their computer and all paper files. When they tried to restore from backup, they found that all of their backup tapes were empty.

If you’re not certain you have a good disaster recovery plan, contact Customer Service service@accsyssolutions.com or call 1-888-534-4344 to discuss your options.

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