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We’ve always found the Business Development Bank of Canada to be an excellent resource, both for our business and for those of our clients. Now they have a free Financial Management Guide for Entrepreneurs.

“With this book you can discover proven ways to better manage your cash flow and gain more peace of mind knowing you can take on any challenge or opportunity. Learn how to build a healthy, durable business with smart cash flow management principles.”

You’ll discover:

  • What is cash flow
  • How to measure your cash conversion cycle
  • 3 key elements of your cash flow
  • How to use a cash flow planner
  • Techniques to effectively collect outstanding bills


Understand your cash flow: Discover the main elements that make up your cash flow and key indicators you need to keep an eye on.

Track your cash flow: Find out how to build an early warning system that will alert you to potential cash flow problems before they occur.

Improve your cash flow: Learn easy techniques to get paid faster and ensure your have enough cash on hand to keep your business running.

This free eBook is just one great example of the excellent free content over at the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Head on over to the BDC website and see what other resources they have available. It’s a real goldmine!

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