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There are plenty of iPad apps that can help you become more productive and manage your business better. Here is a short list of five iPad apps that can help give your business a boost.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a great app for anyone that needs to send a lot of emails or type a lot of information while on the go. This dictation software will help you accomplish these tasks quickly thanks to its accurate transcription. Definitely a time-saver for people who need to stay connected while on the move, or who are slow typists!


If you switch devices often or need access to files from anywhere, then you will love Dropbox. This app allows you to synchronize your files among any number of different devices, whether they are a desktop, iPad, or phone. The great thing about the app is that it is not only free, but it will also allow you offline access to files for when you are not connected to the Internet.


Do you need to keep track of your expenses while on a business trip? Do you need to create an expense report when you return home? With Expensify, creating a report is easy. Just take pictures of your receipts with your iPad and the app will do the rest. This is an app that you should install right away if you frequently travel for business.

Microsoft Excel

If you are used to the Excel spreadsheet software from Microsoft then you should get the Excel app for your iPad. The app version includes most of the features of the desktop version, so you can stay productive while on the go. Excel is one of the best spreadsheet apps available for the iPad.


Do you like to take handwritten notes? Penultimate is an app that will allow you to use your finger as a pen. You will be able to take notes and share them – and control everything with your finger. This is a great app for anyone who likes to jot everything down, but doesn’t want to mess around with tiny on-screen keyboards.

Your iPad can be really useful when it comes to boosting your productivity and keeping your business running smoothly. These five apps provide some great tools for getting you started!


This is an excerpt from our Technologist Newsletter. You can find more issues of The Technologist here.

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