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CFO Tech Outlook recently named Adagio Accounting as one of CFO Tech’s top 10 financial reporting solutions, in its July 2018 edition. CFO Tech Outlook is a US-based print and online magazine with a readership of approximately 50,000 for print, 600,000 for online.

In his interview with CFO Tech Outlook, Softrak president Andrew Bates spoke about the strengths of Adagio’s financial reporting:

“Adagio Accounting combines completely flexible financial reporting with ease of audit, detail transparency and document storage in a simple-to-manage and easy-to deploy package. The software also offers a drill-down from a single number on a financial statement all the way to a balanced journal entry and associated source document, such as a PDF of the vendor invoice. With all of the financial information at your fingertips, you are ready to answer those many “quick questions” with “quick answers. At the higher end, Adagio maintains reporting flexibility without the IT complexity.”

We share Andrew’s opinion. The Adagio Financial Reporter is one of the top reasons we recommend Adagio so unequivocally. In a nutshell, it has flexibility to provide you with the financial and managerial reports you need to run your business efficiently, competitively, and as profitably as possible.

Click here to read the full CFO Tech Outlook interview with Andrew Bates.

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