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Adagio Accounts Payable 9.3C shipped in mid-October. The following features have been added to this core module:

  • Ledger Project code can be entered in all Batches
  • Column Grid Search
  • System Checks select non-EFT vendors only
  • System Checks displays Net Issued amount on Vendor Summary grid
  • Allow blank accounts in Distribution Sets with ‘auto-distribute?’
  • Force Document numbers to uppercase
  • Setting Invoices Payment Status during Batch entry/import.
  • Sort checks by entry sequence
  • More new EFT Formats
  • Integration with 1099 Express
  • More vendors fields, Cell #, Default invoice descriptions, PO Ship Via
  • Import Vendor Notes
  • Import Optional Field Values
This 13 minute video demonstrates the new features:

How To Upgrade

Users on Softrak’s upgrade plan can download the upgrade from Softrak’s website after logging into the Client Portal.

If you need assistance with this upgrade, or have any questions whatsoever, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

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