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In early April Softrak shipped a new version of Adagio SalesCQ. Here’s a list of the features that have been added:    

  • Adagio SalesCQ now integrates with Adagio DocStore.
  • Added 9.3A standard features including enhancements to grids and filters, Adagio toolbar, Application log, and much more…
  • Multiple Quotes can now be selected on the Enter Quotes grid to print or delete.
  • Item Optional fields are now available on quote details.
  • The quote number length has been expanded to 12 characters.
  • Print functions for Quotes allow you to select and send/print to multiple Send Methods (Printer, PDF, Email, Fax) simultaneously.
  • The Find button is now available to use when a Filter is active.
  • New grid search process is available to use for most grids.
  • Word Wrap is now supported for text blocks.
  • Quote Detail grid rows now support Automatic and Manual font Styles from Inventory items.
  • Printing a group of quotes now allows attaching an additional PDF along with the quote form,
  • New Item Information inquiry on the Edit Detail screen
  • Formula spec codes X001 to X005 are now available to do arithmetic calculations with numeric spec codes
  • Grid that supports the Grid Search feature has focus
  • Import and Export templates now have the same ability as the Column Editor to restrict the Available Field list

For a more complete upgrade description, you can read the release notes here.

If you are on a Softrak upgrade plan, you can download this upgrade from the Softrak website. Or, we are happy to help if you would like assistance or have any questions! Contact us today.

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