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There are a number of perks to keeping your Adagio upgrade plan up to date. Of course, always having the latest feature set at your disposal is an important benefit of “being a member”, but there are other privileges that will enjoy as well.

Adagio Upgrade Plan Benefit #1: Free Access to Softrak’s Online Technical Support Forum

Softrak’s online technical support forum is a great resource for answers to your technical queries. The site is monitored by Softrak’s technical support staff, and there are also many top-notch Adagio consultants who visit the site, looking for ways to show off their expertise by helping you for free. Be sure to check it out at www.softrak.com under the Client Portal. You don’t need to be on an upgrade plan to peek in, or to post a question in “general inquiries”, but if you want to post a question in the meatier “Technical Support section”, you must be an upgrade plan member to get authorized.

Keeping up with Windows

Newer versions of Adagio will support newer versions of Microsoft Windows, which is usually upgraded about once a year. New capabilities in Windows can only be exploited by newer versions of Adagio.

Adagio Upgrade Plan Members Stay “In The Know”

Unforeseen software glitches happen. As an upgrade plan member, you will be automatically notified when bugs are fixed and a Service Pack is up on the web.

Easier Budget Approvals

A regular annual fee is easier to budget for than an exceptional expense (if you need to upgrade from several versions ago). Regular expenses, planned well in advance, generally are much easier to sell to the powers that be than larger lumps.

What You Won’t Get On Softrak’s Adagio Upgrade Plan

While we definitely believe the Softrak upgrade plans are an important aspect to maintaining your “Adagio ecosystem”, there are some things you can only get from us, your Adagio consultant.

Softrak provides good basic technical support. However this doesn’t include online support — they will never login to your system to resolve your issues, nor will they make changes to your files (unless you are paying for their database repair service). Softrak also will not provide advice on how to use and/or configure Adagio to meet your business needs. They won’t help you install upgrades, they won’t test your system, they won’t write report specifications, nor will they administer security rights. These are just some examples of the more in depth aspects of technical support that are always referred to their consultant network — consultants like us.

If you are not on an upgrade plan, give us a call and we can let you know what is involved for your specific installation. Similarly, if you have technical support needs beyond what Softrak provides, or simply prefer coming to us, please give us a call. We are here to help.

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