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Do you know about the Adagio Whitepaper library? These free whitepapers written by Softrak present an opportunity to stay informed and keep up to date with the latest industry ideas. All you need to give them is your email address (which they likely already have if you are a registered Adagio user!) Here’s what’s available, with links to the corresponding download pages:


8 Surefire Strategies to Improve your Accounting Software Selection

whitepapersThis informative whitepaper provides a helpful approach to finding the best accounting software product for your business. It walks you through a series of steps, including identification of needs, product comparison, selection and acquisition.



8 Tips for Closing Your Fiscal Year-End

Your fiscal year is over. But the year is not closed, and the pressure is on. This helpful whitepaper provides tips for preparing to close your fiscal year, with the goal of reducing your stress and anxiety over completing another year-end close.



8 Tips for Managing your Backups

Most people don’t think about backups until it is too late. This informative whitepaper provides 8 important tips for creating a regular backup process and managing backup data, with the goal of reducing business risk.



8 Tips for Managing your Electronic Reports

In the accounting department, results can be obtained and analysis created within increasingly more powerful software solutions. Here are a few tips to help clear away the clutter as you start to organize electronic reports and associated documents.



8 Tips for Preparing for the Year-End Audit

Publicly traded companies, large businesses, many not-for-profit organizations and even small businesses in some regulated industries are required to have an annual audit by an external accounting firm. The annual audit is often seen as an unwelcome distraction for the accounting department. Here are a few tips to help turn that audit frown upside down.


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