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  1. Back up your database and run a data integrity check every day. If you would like to automate these procedures to run overnight or if you don’t have a formal Disaster Recovery Plan, contact us. Be sure to download our White Paper in Best Practices for Backing Up, too.
  2. When you need technical support, phone 1-888-534-4344 x1 to log your support issue. Don’t email or phone the technicians directly; it will only delay your support request.
  3. When you order a new workstation or server, give AccSys a “heads up” so we can be sure they are implemented smoothly.
  4. When you implement upgrades, be sure AccSys provides the training and helps you select the appropriate new options.
  5. If you plan to implement or change your antivirus software, check with AccSys so you don’t slow down your system or corrupt data.
  6. Document your user procedures with the choices and preferences you’ve made. To document yourself, use Word and Snagit, or ask AccSys to do it for you.
  7. Maintain your upgrades plans. Getting back on plans with Late or Prior Version renewals are very expensive.
  8. Use two displays on your desktop to give you more “real estate”.
  9. Take advantage of free training and tech support on our Free Online Resources page.
  10. Let Customer Service show you around the AccSys and Adagio web sites.

To help you get the most out of your Adagio accounting system, contact Customer Service about these top practices. 1-888-534-4344 x2.

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