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Colorful cityscapeFulfilling the orders of dozens of customers can mean hundreds of transactions.  And, as you grow your distribution business, hundreds of customers can push the number of transactions into the thousands.

Every manual process within the distribution chain opens up the possibility for error.  Hundreds and thousand of transactions can quickly multiply the impact of errors and needlessly cut into your already thin profit margins.

Eliminate errors and protect profits

Automating your distribution functions drastically eliminates the occasion for error and protects your profit margins and at the same time increases the speed and accuracy of delivery thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

If you’ve surpassed the functionality of your entry-level software system and the number of spreadsheets your organization relies on has increased, we recommend investigating an upgrade of your distribution software.

We’ve worked with distributors to implement Adagio Distribution and Accounting software to automate processes, speed up transaction processing, decrease labour costs associated with manual steps, improve accuracy – resulting in happier customers and providing you with greater clarity and control of your business.

End the paper chase and gain control and clarity

If you’re chasing a paper trail from the back office through the warehouse and scrambling to respond to customer inquiries because you can’t immediately trace order status – you’re probably losing money and wasting time putting out fires.

We can help you gain control from purchasing to sales order entry to shipping.  No more lost profits associated with moving, losing, and finding inventory.

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that come with a powerful distributions system:

  • Easier tracking of orders
  • Fewer errors
  • Accurate and timely billing
  • Faster payment from customers which means better cash flow
  • No more waiting for or chasing down paper
  • Freedom from spreadsheets

If you are fed up with unnecessary confusion surrounding orders and whether lost, arrived, or in what condition – let us help.

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