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iStock_000003513487XSmallSafer transactions, convenience, and significant savings are among the key reasons the federal government is phasing out printed cheques in favour of electronic payment via direct deposit.

It’s all part of a three-year plan that will save millions through a reduction in the use of paper and the costs associated with printing and delivery.  You can read more about the government electronic payment at Canada Business Review.

Is your organization ready for electronic payment?

At AccSys Solutions, not only have we gone paperless in favor of electronic payment, we have assisted our clients in selecting and implementing the software (Adagio EFP and Telpay) to do the same.  You’ll enjoy the same benefits of less cost, safer transactions and convenience.

Adagio EFT provides electronic payment functionality and may be used for both system and manual check runs.  Adagio EFT allows you to fax or email payment advices with remittance details to your vendors.

Telpay Electronic Payments allows you to go paperless while maintaining solid checks and balances.  You’ll save time on bank reconciliation and money on postage, envelopes, transfers and never having to write a paper cheque again.  The electronic payment solution gives you the ability to pay any bill in any major foreign currency.

Let us know if you’d like to go paperless and save:  info@AccSysSolutions.com or call us at 1-888-534-4344.

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