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PayDirt PayrollPayDirt Payroll is one of our very favourite programs because it solves so many payroll headaches, and works so well.

PayDirt Payroll is an affordable Canadian payroll solution designed specifically to integrate with Adagio.

Timesheet entry is done in a spreadsheet style grid which all users understand and which allows easy access to every entry and amount. PayDirt Payroll is a feature-loaded program with user-customizable reporting, effortless distribution of payroll expenses to multiple departments (even EI, CPP, and WCB amounts), daily timesheet imports, customizable HR event tracking, job costing, effortless override of any calculated amount, Direct Deposit and automatic email of Direct Deposit slips, laser printed ROEs, year after year payroll history, quick cheque reversals, automatic handling of mid-month advances, electronic submission of T4s, T4As, and T4Es, MICR encoding of blank cheques, unlimited paycodes and employees, and much, much more.

Watch how easy batch entry is with PayDirt Payroll:

PayDirt is fully integrated with Adagio Accounting

PayDirt imports the Chart of Accounts from Adagio and can – at your option – verify all transactions against that list. This ensures that the batch taken to the ledger is free of  “invalid account” errors. Retrieving a PayDirt Payroll batch into Adagio Ledger is the same as retrieving any other Adagio subledger batch — Adagio Ledger recognizes PayDirt as a subledger and properly assigns the transactions when retrieving them.

But the interaction with Adagio goes further. PayDirt Payroll can also properly send transactions to Adagio BankRec, making it easy to reconcile all your bank transactions in one place. For Adagio users without the BankRec module, a payroll batch can be sent through Adagio Payables allowing all payroll cheques to be cleared there.

PayDirt Payroll will…

  • Cut your payroll processing work in half.
  • Track all accruals within PayDirt Payroll with no additional work.
  • Track accruals and banks in hours, dollars, or both.
  • Print accrual balances on employee pay stubs eliminating ongoing balance questions from staff.
  • Create complex calculations for hard to calculate paycodes.
  • Integrate payroll and your existing accounting so you can avoid manually re-entering all the details in the G/L.
  • Work with a payroll process that is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to train.
  • Both versions, Pro and Lite, handle all provinces’ payroll requirements, including Quebec’s

We can’t say enough good things about PayDirt. Contact Us to find out more. We are happy to demo you the product online so you can see for yourself!

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