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Earlier this year, Softrak released a new version of Adagio Lanpak, bringing it up to 9.3B.

The following enhancements and revisions are included in this upgrade:

  • Compatible with and required by future releases of Adagio modules at version 9.3B.
  • The version of the Adagio Data Source (ADS) and ExcelDirect installed include fixes and enhancements allowing for improvements in Adagio modules made since Lanpak 9.3A. These include the following:
    • Supports new Grid Search functionality
    • Supports phone indexing
    • Provides more logging to facilitate troubleshooting
    • Includes networking enhancements for multi-user environments
    • Corrected problem where GridView with IMS SBF file did not open with x64 version of GridView.



  • BankRec 9.2A – 9.3A
  • Console 9.2A, 9.3A
  • DataCare 9.2A – 9.3A
  • DocStore 9.3A
  • ePrint 9.2A
  • FX 9.2A – 9.3A
  • GridView 9.2A – 9.3B
  • Inventory 9.2A – 9.3A
  • Invoices 9.2A – 9.3A
  • JobCost 9.2A
  • Ledger 9.2A – 9.3B
  • MultiCurrency 9.2B
  • Adagio ODBC 9.2A
  • OrderEntry 9.2A – 9.3A
  • Payables 9.2A – 9.3B
  • PrintTool 9.2A
  • PurchaseOrders 9.2A – 9.3A
  • Receivables 9.2A – 9.3A
  • SalesAnalysis 9.2A – 9.3A
  • SalesCQ 9.2A – 9.2B
  • Time&Billing 9.2A


  • Any product that uses the Adagio Data Source (ADS)
  • MS Windows 8, 8.1, 10

You can view the full release notes here.

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