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Adagio Ledger has received a substantial functionality upgrade to 9.2B, and with that comes the following enhancements to this core module and its accompanying Financial Reporter:

  • You can now print the Trial Balance and Detail Listing reports to Excel using ExcelDirect.
  • ExcelDirect buttons have been added to the batches, entries and details grids.
  • An option to print a General Ledger Distribution Summary on the Posting Journals has been added.
  • A subtotal of Units by period on the GL Detail Listing has been added.
  • All Fiscal Period finders now show all 12 (or 13) periods.
  • A Find feature has been added to the Edit Departments function.
  • Ledger has been updated for Adagio Cloud.
  • The finder on the GL Department field is now restricted to the departments for the account selected.
  • The GL Department Description is now available to be added to the GL Account finder using the Column Editor.

Updates to the Financial Reporter include:

  • New SmartSheet commands “.Sort”, “.SortCase” and “.SortEnd” are available to sort a section of a financial statement into alphabetical (or some other) order.
  • The new Header/Footer code “$G” is now available to print the UTC date and time in the section.
  • An “Expression Notepad” has been added to improve the entry of complex formulas.
  • You can now “Pin” fiscal periods and Department choices so that they are applied to every sheet in the financial statement.
  • Conditional cell formatting using Styles and the formula editor has been added.
  • Net Changes, Budgets, Forecasts, Statistical Units and Provisionally posted amounts can now be easily summed over arbitrary fiscal periods.
  • GLUPDATE() has an optional additional parameter to select the Budget Year to update.
  • When drilling down into transactions, the displayed Grid will be banded according to the User Preference settings for color and banding frequency.

Upgrade Notes:

  • Adagio Ledger 9.2B requires Adagio Lanpak (if used) to be version 9.2B or higher.
  • Adagio Ledger 9.2B requires Adagio MultiCurrency (if used) to be version 9.2A or higher.
  • Adagio Ledger 9.2B requires Adagio FX (if used) to be version 9.2A or higher.
  • Adagio Ledger 9.2B requires Microsoft Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher if running under Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services).
  • If you have modified any of the standard reports installed by Adagio Ledger 9.2A, you will have to redo those modifications for Ledger 9.2B.

Many of these updates will be welcome features for Ledger and Financial Reporter users. If you are on maintenance with Softrak, you are eligible to receive this upgrade for free. You can download it from the Softrak website, or give us a call and we can help you with it.

This is an excerpt from The Score Adagio newsletter. Find more issues, technical tips and more here.

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