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The Canadian Payroll Association has recently rebranded as the National Payroll Institute.

New Website

Part of this rebranding includes a brand new website. Not only does payroll.ca now reflect their new brand, but it has been completely redeveloped to be the online home for payroll professionals in Canada. The site has been designed to make it easier to find the information you need. For example, if you want to receive an email whenever a new legislative update is published, you can now sign up for Late Breaking Payroll News notifications. If there are pages or resources that you go back to repeatedly, you can add them to your personal Member Hub. And if you are looking for education and networking opportunities, its new comprehensive calendar is a great place to start. Visit the site today and make it your first stop for payroll news and information every morning.

Social Media Contests

This new website is just the first in a series of new and enhanced services that the National Payroll Institute will be introducing in the next 18 months. Some of these changes you’ll start to learn more about over the next few weeks. For now, they encourage you to help share news of the launch of the National Payroll Institute by taking part in a series of fun #NationalPayrollInstitute contests on social media that run through the entire month of March. Be sure to follow their channels for all the details – there are some prizes to be won!

Future Road Map

The new name also comes with a road map to introduce new and enhanced services, programs, offerings and opportunities throughout the next 18 months. The following is just some of what they have planned for their members:

  • The launch of a new online community sponsored by the National Payroll Institute to bring professionals in payroll, HR, accounting and bookkeeping together. They’re calling this community platform the 17th Floor – a closed social media platform where the disciplines concerned with human capital management in Canada come together and learn from one another. The 17th Floor will include challenges, discussion forums, insightful articles and more. NPI Members should look for an invitation to participate in the community pilot in the coming weeks.
  • Providing enhanced support to help you advance your payroll career. Later this year, they will launch a members-only mentorship platform so that new professionals can learn from those who have built successful payroll careers. They will also be launching a career resource platform that will help members with essential skills for progressing in your career by providing vital insights for crafting a winning resume and shining during the interview process. Both will launch later this year.
  • Making payroll compliance more accessible than ever… for members. The Payroll InfoLine is not going anywhere. Their team of experts will remain ready to help. But they are also working to leverage leading-edge web-based technologies to make it easier and faster than ever to get the compliance information you need when you need it. Look for new compliance tools to this end in the first half of 2023.
  • Underscoring that the PCP and CPM designations are the gold standard for payroll professionalism. Work is underway to introduce new structures and to reframe designations to ensure that when business leaders see those letters beside your name, they are confident that their payroll – essential to the health of their business today and tomorrow – is in good hands.

Their goal, simply put, is to make being a member more valuable than ever. And we agree! AccSys Solutions is a proud member of the National Payroll Institute, and we look forward to seeing these new tools and platforms as they become available. 

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