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AccSys WP photoHere’s an excerpt from our new white paper ‘Workforce Management: Challenges for Small to Mid-sized Business’:

Professional groups have estimated a 1% – 8% clerical error rate when totaling employee hours manually.  Add to that the impact of an employee wasting just 10 minutes a day, multiplied by 5 days a week across the span of a year – and suddenly there is significant revenue lost.  Now, contemplate the cost of unforeseen overtime, and the cost goes up even further.

Automated Workforce Management can help your organization realize significant savings in both time and money while dramatically reducing the errors associated with paper processes and manual data entry into spreadsheets.  Eliminating the need for duplicate data entry is another benefit – which also serves to reduce the opportunity for errors.

Additionally, the automated workforce management system will assist with managing government compliance issues.

To read more, you can download the white paper here.

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