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Workforce Management and Payroll Solutions

Automated Workforce Management can help your organization realize significant savings in both time and money.

An Automated Workforce Management system will dramatically reduce the errors associated with paper processes, manual data entry into spreadsheets and duplicate data entry. Common payroll and workforce challenges you probably have experienced include:

  • Manual, paper-based processes for timekeeping
  • Creating and maintaining multiple spreadsheets for time entry, time tracking and reporting
  • Quickly and accurately tracking labour costs associated with jobs
  • Knowing when and where to add staff
  • Inability to find an automated solution that is affordable for organizations with under 500 em­ployees.

The day-to-day workforce management headaches your organization is aware of could be just the tip of the iceberg. There may be other invisible inefficiencies that alone may seem trivial but, when added up day after day and pay period after pay period, are very costly to your organization.

For Many Businesses, Workforce Is The Largest Expense

Hiring decisions are made carefully for many reasons: the cost of adding a new employee is more than just salary; managers want to ensure that the new employee brings the right skills and expertise to the job; the ability to ensure that staffing levels are not too high or too low; to name just a few.

If labour charges are part of your services, your workforce is at the core of your business offering. In business scenarios where the customer will be paying for these services it’s important to state labour costs accurately and not overbill. At the same time, for the financial health of your organization, it’s equally as crucial not to under bill.

Professional groups have estimated a 1% – 8% clerical error rate when totaling employee hours manually. Add to that the impact of an employee wasting just 10 minutes a day, multiplied by 5 days a week across the span of a year—and suddenly there is significant revenue lost. Now, contemplate the cost of unforeseen over­time, and the cost goes up even further

How Do I Know If I Need A Workforce Management System?

It’s generally obvious when a company needs a new payroll solution with greater flexibility, but it is not so obvious when it’s time to replace systems for human resources and time & attendance. If you are relying upon manual and/or spreadsheet workarounds to keep you limping along, then it’s time to consider a better system.

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AccSys Solutions offers fully integrated Workforce Management, including payroll, human resources, time & attendance, and document management.

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