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Adagio Opportunity ConferenceThis past June marked the 20th Anniversary of Softrak’s annual conference for Adagio users and resellers, held in Las Vegas. One of the great benefits of attending the “AOC” is the chance to talk face to face with developers of Third Party solutions for Adagio. In case you missed it, here are some highlights of products that were showcased:

North49 Webtelligence

For businesses, associations, and non-profits that wish to establish a webstore, Webtelligence from North49 provides a turn-key solution that enables customers to place orders and service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With full integration to your Adagio data, Webtelligence replaces rekeying, improves accuracy and timeliness of transactions into your organization, directly benefitting the bottom line. With it, your customer can check their request status, make account payments and self-service at any time of the day or night. Webtelligence will let your organization create a unique web experience, integrated with your accounting, without having to learn HTML or any other web language.

Visit www.adagioecommerce.com to learn more.


With Dynac’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system, small to medium business users gain visibility into the financial health of their enterprise. DynacBudget lets you create your organization’s budget from the ground up by entering the parameters that drive revenue and expenses. Budget drivers might be the number of students, kids in care, staff positions or available room nights – every organization understands their own drivers of cost and revenue. Cash flow planning tools tie the income statement to the balance sheet and the integration with Adagio Ledger gets your budget figures into Adagio Ledger for operational reporting. Dynac offers a powerful module to help you prepare your budgets, whether annual, rolling or multi-year.

Learn more about Dynac’s CPM system at www.dynac.ca.

shadowSafe by vitalEsafe

shadowSafe is a cloud-based backup solution. Its encrypted off-site storage allows you to securely store and share all your files and folders. Furthermore, shadowSafe automatically backs up your information every few hours, allowing you to “turn back the clock” when things go wrong. shadowSafe makes “roll backs” a possibility and also provides offsite server imaging for disaster recovery.

Visit www.vitalesafe.com to learn more.

SRSoft Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets for Adagio offers an easy to use, low cost fixed assets solution that saves time and effort while providing a full audit trail and transaction interface to Adagio. Fixed Assets has built-in notes and document management referenced to individual assets. It provides asset acquisition, depreciation, disposal tracking including partial disposals. New features this year include asset searches, master-sub asset relationships, report groups and grant fund asset accounting. It can meet the most demanding needs, such as detailed maintenance records or regulatory compliance documentation relating to your assets.

Visit www.srsoft.co for more information.

Toolkit for Adagio

A go-to staple for many Adagio sites, the Toolkit for Adagio is a collection of utilities for users who wish to maintain their data in an orderly fashion. During the normal course of business, accounting data can become cluttered and unwieldy. Customer and vendor codes can be accidentally repeated, company consolidations can wreak havoc with a change of accounts, and inventory item lists can become long, repetitive and less relevant. The Toolkit includes 25 utilities for changing a variety of codes or reducing inventory.

Learn more at www.dakotasoftware.com.

This is an excerpt from this quarter’s issue of The Score. Read the full issue here.

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