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We’ve recently updated our Networks Configuration Guide. Key members of Vision33 have worked closely with AccSys Solutions over the years, assisting us with the networking portion of accounting software installations. From our collective experiences through the partnering of the two companies, we have gathered this repository of information for your use. This document is created with you, the end-user, in mind, so that you may provide it to your IT implementers, so that they in turn can reconfigure your network to a more optimal configuration. Please read each section carefully as the detail level is high, and each statement is intentional.

Time Traveler Backups was asked to review and modify these guidelines to bring them up to date. Time Traveler Backups provides backup and disaster recovery solutions to small to medium sized businesses and brings a wealth of experience in proper configuration and sizing of server hardware for maximum performance and durability.

To ensure that your installation performs properly, this guideline should be studied and followed as closely as possible any time poor network performance is an issue, or when new hardware is being purchased and implemented. Clients who follow these recommendations and maintain their hardware properly almost never have hardware related problems — particularly slow performance and data corruptions.

This document includes examples for small, medium, and large sites using Adagio; however, this advice is applicable to any site using a mid-market accounting software solution.  With recent cost reductions in high quality server configurations, even small organizations can now afford robust hardware configurations that were previously unaffordable.

We have made significant effort to ensure the accuracy of this document. If you believe that any of the information contained herein is incorrect, please let us know by emailing douglas@accsyssolutions.com.

We hope that you will find this document useful in your endeavours. Please note that only the user of this material is responsible for the outcome.

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