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Where does the time go? We recently realized that with the COVID-19 crisis consuming our head space, we forgot to celebrate our 25th Anniversary as AccSys Solutions!

We began as an ACCPAC (now Sage) ERP consulting company back in 1995, and have grown our business and client base steadily since then. We were actively involved at that time with a company named Softrak who build add-ons for ACCPAC, and when Softrak launched Adagio Accounting in 2003, it was obvious to us that our relationship with Softrak, paired with the strength of this new Adagio product, would serve our clients well moving forward. The rest is history!

Today we are leaders in Adagio accounting. Our commitment to Adagio is evident, both in our expertise, and in the recognition we have attained from our peers in this field, including Premier Reseller status since 2003. Our president, Douglas Dickie, has been a regular speaker at the Adagio Accounting user conference for over 15 years, and has also mentored over 20 Adagio Dealer Business Partners across North America.

We thank you for your support over the years. We would be nowhere without you, our valued clients!

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