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Adagio In The cloudWe are fielding many questions lately regarding the Cloud, “software as a service” subscription-based software. Here are some of those most frequent questions and answers.

Q: Why should I move to Cloud?

A: Does your local network infrastructure require upgrading? Do you need convenient access to your accounting from remote locations, 24/7? These are two of the main reasons why our clients are considering moving to Cloud.

Q: Who will securely host my data?

A: Hosting partner Hostway Services, Inc. has datacenters in Canada and the US. They are leaders in cloud hosting, where they service over hundreds of thousands of businesses. Founded in 1989, Hostway Services employs over 400 employees delivering reliable and secure cloud solutions to over 500,000 customers worldwide.

You can be rest assured that any form of natural or human-related disaster involving your business data is recoverable.

Q: Which is better for me, cloud or on-premise?

A: Cloud lets you avoid costly computer hardware-related upgrades and hassles. It also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that a team of IT professionals are managing your secure company data. Plus, you get the advantage of having remote 24/7 access to your accounting data.

However, should you feel more comfortable in having your data stored on your network, then on-premise implementation is for you. Also, if your internet access is unreliable, then traditional on-premise may be preferable.

Q: Can I move from on-premise to the cloud easily?

A: Absolutely. We can assist you with this relatively simple data migration process.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch with us and we can explore whether Cloud makes sense for your business.

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